Sunday, March 19, 2017

Can medical science ignore sex distinctions?

Liberals hold that we should be autonomous, self-defining individuals, so that predetermined qualities like our biological sex should be thought not to matter.

One consequence of this belief is that liberals do not like to accept that medical science should consider differences between men and women, for instance, when testing new drugs. Hence this odd fact:
In 2015, when a female version of Viagra called Addyi was tested for potential side effects, it was tested on a sample of 25 subjects - only two of whom were female.

Claire Lehmann has written an excellent article on the resistance of liberals to accepting biological sex differences in medical research. (

She looks at some case studies where ignoring the biological distinctions between men and women has led to dosages being set too high for women, and she details the pressures placed on scientists to avoid research on biological sex distinctions.


  1. The mental disorder that is widely manifest as a psycho-sexual, social and cultural malady is ours. It is not a new and sudden epidemic spreading rapidly among troubled and confused younger males and females; arising organically like Godzilla because of the green glow of the modern nuclear age. A very small percentage of males and females have always been same-sex attracted and more or less masculine or feminine than the norm.
    I don't understand why the common knowledge that only the rarest of so-called "transsexuals" or "transgendered" do not remain exclusively or predominantly in same-sex relationships, isn't central to this bizarre "gender" psychosis. A small percentage are a-sexual. The overwhelming majority of the variously categorized as "gender" dysphoric are and remain homosexual. Humans don't have a gender.
    We can't continue to let the very small number of tragic birth defects; the incomplete or confused new-born genitalia and the chromosome anomalies which have always existed, but are increasingly reparable and treatable in private, as we hear from the sex-change industry.
    The sudden coincidence is the mass psychosis plaguing our general populations. The rise of the so-called "transgendered" by the "transgenderists" is the result of our dysfunction, not particularly theirs, which is what "we" must tend to.
    We are not going back to a normal state of affairs until our language is consistently distinguishable from theirs. We continue to talk past each other. We can't argue conceptually that unicorns don't exist while continuing to read stories about unicorns to our unsuspecting children. It's like a spell has been cast over us all. At some point, adults have to tell the truth.
    I'm sure that Claire Lehmann makes some good sense. But based on the two free paragraphs, I won't pay to read another typical article. She's spell-bound to adopt and embrace the very mental disorder that she blames for what she then claims has caused "horrific real-world consequences". The cognitive dissonance is so pervasive and endemic to Western thinking (modern liberal) that I can't image it ending. I can imagine how it ends, but I'm weary of repeating myself.
    Claire Lehmann twice in only two paragraphs, refers to human "gender" differences, like they're unicorns that she won't be forced to tell her young daughter that they don't actually exist; that they're fantasy and myth. She can't stop saying "gender"/unicorn because eveyone else seems to now accept and believe that they exist. She then claims that the "minimizing of sex differences in areas of health and medicine in particular has led to sweepingly harmful and often fatal results, expecially for women". She rides in on HER unicorn to claim that "The minimizing of sex differences in areas of health and medicine in particular has led to sweepingly harmful and often fatal results, especially for women."
    My unicorn ate my homework.

  2. And then liberals would blame sexism for doctors thinking men and women are the same and thus men the norm can be used for scientific studies. I've had this argument used on me when I pointed out that it's feminists that have brought about this.